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Everything that I do in my work as a fertility & pregnancy specialist dietitian is to support you through personalised, science-backed advice. I work alongside you to understand your goals and history, support you with prioritising the most impactful diet and lifestyle steps that you can take, and work with you for ongoing guidance and support. I support you from pre-conception through to baby's early years to optimise your health, and the future health of your children.

You can learn more about my services and book your first session with me below:


FREE 20min Clarity Call

Meet with me 1:1 and let's determine the best pathway forward for you to help you get pregnant fast and heave a healthy pregnancy. We will sit down together and work through your fertility and pregnancy journey and history, determine what might be preventing you from getting pregnant, decipher where the priority focus should be on your nutrition and fertility, and map out what the best form of dietitian support is for you. 

This is perfect for you..

  • If you’re an action taker & are ready to start working on your health goals now. If now isn't a good time in your life to start working on your diet and health, we recommend booking this at a later stage when you’re ready.

  • You want to know whether nutrition can really play a role in your own specific fertility and pregnancy journey

  • You’ve tried various diet interventions and supplements for fertility, PCOS, pregnancy, or endometriosis but aren’t getting the results you want.

  • You’re trying to conceive or you’re undergoing IVF treatment and want to maximise your chances of success with specialised fertility & IVF nutrition and lifestyle guidance.

  • You’re tired of feeling rushed and left with unanswered questions (or you don’t feel comfortable asking them in the first place) whenever you have a healthcare appointment.

  • You are interested in working with me on a fertility or prenatal package and would like to learn more.

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Express Diet & Supplement Consultation

You're pretty confident that you've got the basics covered when it comes to diet, but you are still not sure which prenatal supplements are best for you. Eating well is certainly an important piece of the puzzle, but in many circumstances there is far more that we can be doing with our diet and supplement regimen to give our body the best chance of healthy conception, pregnancy, and having a healthy baby. 

Our express diet and supplement consultation is perfect for those who want to sit down with a dietitian and get some personalised feedback that's 100% specific to them without committing to a full consultation or package. ​

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Initial 1:1 Consultation (75-90min)

Sit down with an expert Fertility & Pregnancy specialist dietitian and learn exactly what your body needs to optimise your pregnancy and fertility. In this session we will cover your goals, fertility and pregnancy journey, medical history, diet analysis, supplement and medication regimen, food preferences, lifestyle, exercise, and so much more. 

You will gain from this session: 

  • Support as you work through your journey to motherhood

  • Science-backed advice on your diet and supplements and personalised, easy to implement recommendations that you can start with right away

  • Meal ideas, guides, and plans that include ONLY foods that you enjoy, fit your budget, and work into your daily schedule and lifestyle. 

  • Clarity around how nutrition can support each stage of the fertility process and which areas and nutrition recommendations are the priority for you (if trying to conceive)

  • Support to have your most healthy pregnancy and optimise your baby's chances of great health in future. 

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Prenatal Nutrition Package (limited spaces)

The comprehensive package designed for those who...

  • Understand the impact that nutrition can make on your baby's future in the pre-conception and pregnancy phases of life.

  • Want to reduce their baby's chances of developing mental and physical illness later in their lives.

  • Are committed to working with a prenatal specialist dietitian throughout their pregnancy to reduce their risk of developing health complications and increase their likelihood of a safe delivery.

  • Are overwhelmed or confused from the varying advice on food safety, diet, and supplements that they are hearing from health professionals, friends, or family. 

  • Know that investing in working with an expert now could safe them hundreds on unnecessary supplements, and pay off in the health benefits that them and baby have in years to come.​​

You will gain from this session: 

  • Ongoing support and regular check-ins for review of supplements and diet, biochemistry, symptoms, and health throughout your pregnancy.

  • Gold standard supplement reviews and nutrient analysis reports atleast every 3 months to account for the significant changes in nutrient requirements that happen throughout pregnancy. 

  • Meal ideas, guides, and plans that include ONLY foods that you enjoy, fit your budget, and work into your daily schedule and lifestyle. 

  • Nutrition advice tailored to your personal goals and health conditions whether it be coeliac disease, chron's, IBS, food aversions, or simply wanting to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. 

My prenatal nutrition package is available to only a limited number of women at any time. If you are interested, please book your free call so that we can talk more about if this is right for you. 

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Your FREE Fertility & Pregnancy Checklist

​Get your body ready for a baby and enjoy a healthy, safe pregnancy by making sure that you have 100% of your nutrition and supplementation covered.​

  • See what the most significant diet and supplement recommendations are for improving your menstrual cycle and ovulation regularity, egg and sperm health, embryo quality, implantation success, and for reducing your risk of miscarriage

  • Work through our checklists to make sure that you are ticking the boxes for boosting your baby's first 1000 days 

  • Learn how to reduce your risk of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia

  • Determine if you would benefit from additional blood testing or dietary analysis Feel confident in your diet and supplement regimen

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