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You're in! I will let you know as soon as the program launches so that you can be one of the 5 women to join me in working to improve your fertility and increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Next steps...

 ✅ Check your emails! I have sent you a confirmation email to let you know that you are on the program waitlist, and have included a wee freebie in there as well to get you started! 

 ✅ If my email isn't showing in your inbox- please check your junk or spam folders and if it's in there, drag it across to your primary/ main inbox so that you don't miss any updates. 

✅ Follow me on Instagram @fertilitydietitianalex so that you can get all of my free fertility tips and tricks and so you never miss an update or an offer! 

I will be back in your inbox soon to let you know when the program is LIVE and to give you exclusive offers and discounts on joining. 


Thank you for joining the Fertility Accelerator Program Waitlist!
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