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Trying and struggling to conceive is hard. 

I am here to help.

Say goodbye to late night googling what to eat to support your fertility and learn exactly what YOU need to get your body 100% baby ready.

Are you wanting to head into your next cycle feeling 100% confident that your diet, lifestyle, and supplements are optimised to increase your chances of getting pregnant? 
Yes? I've got good news! 

Not only is this possible, I can create a personalised science-backed roadmap to help you get there in as little as two weeks!

This might sound familiar to you...

Image by Volkan Olmez

- Being rushed through appointments with health professionals without a clear path forward 

- Being told that there is nothing wrong and to just "keep trying for another 6 months"

- Noone ever really explaining your lab results, hormones, or fertility leaving you feeling confused 

- Feeling alone in your journey to pregnancy like noone really is listening or can help you

You're tired of trying to work it all out on your own...

- You're tired of the mixed and extreme nutrition advice flowing in at you from the internet, friends, family, and unqualified sources 

- You just want the clear cut science and a tailored plan specific to YOU so that you no longer need to spend time trying to work it out on your own 

- You want to sit down and talk with a health professional who spends time listening, can explain all of your blood tests and lab results, and is supportive of you on your journey to pregnancy every step of the way. 

You think about getting pregnant everyday, maybe even every hour,

But it all feels so out of your control.

Does this sound familiar?

Sad on Couch_edited.jpg





If you are feeling this way, you are not alone.

Struggling to conceive affects 1 in 4 couples.

You shouldn't settle for the generic, outdated advice that's all over the internet. 

Your fertility and pregnancy needs are unique and you deserve personalised solutions! 

Introducing the Fertility Accelerator Package:

This program is a 12 week support package providing complete fertility nutrition and supplement recommendations for couples and individuals. 

You will walk away from the 12 weeks with complete confidence in your fertility nutrition regimen, assurance that your diet is optimised to improve your chances of falling pregnant each cycle, increased rates of healthy eggs and embryos, and improved chances of implantation.

More importantly, you will be able to go to bed without lying awake googling nutrition for fertility, take ONLY the supplements that your body actually needs, and feel assured that you have left absolutely no stone unturned when it comes to getting pregnant.

work with me2

What's included in the package?

Work with me 1:1 through virtual consultations to pinpoint your unique fertility needs, and improve every aspect of hormone, egg, sperm, and womb health together through science-backed recommendations. 

You receive access to additional exclusive tools and resources that hundreds of clients have used and recommend.

My program is exactly what you need to experience real results as soon as possible.


1:1 Consultations

Fortnightly individual or couple virtual 1:1 sessions including a personalised nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement plan based on an in-depth biochemistry, nutrition, and lifestyle analysis. I guide you the whole way to sustainable nutrition changes for fertility and a healthy pregnancy.


Unlimited email support & check-ins

Have ALL of your questions answered anytime throughout our 12 weeks working together (and beyond!).

Total value: $199

Untitled design (25).png

Downloadable recipe books, meals plans, tools & resources

... that you can keep forever! No more Dr Google for you- the resource library houses all of the fertility guides, recipes, meal inspiration, templates, and resources that you will every need.

Total value: $398

Total value: $1186

This program is valued at $1783 BUT right now you have the opportunity to get this with a massive OVER 55% OFF!

The Fertility Accelerator Package:

Let's recap! When you work with me through this program you will receive everything that you need to increase your chances of getting pregnant through nutrition. This includes...

  • 1x 75-90 minute comprehensive initial consultation (valued at $259)

  • A complete nutrient analysis and supplement regimen (valued at $95)

  • An additional nutrient analysis, supplement review, and development of a personalised diet and lifestyle program for your partner (valued at $259)

  • 2x face to face review consultations (35-45 minute) (valued at $278)

  • 2x virtual diet review sessions (virtual voice + screen recording feedback with advice based on your completed progress form and food diary) (valued at $278)

  • Unlimited access to Alex for Q+A and email support (valued at $199)

  • Access to the exclusive resource portal including recipe ebooks, meal plans for fertility, shopping lists, eating out guides, mindful eating guides, and much more! (valued at $398)

There is one thing that's for sure...

Tweaking your diet and lifestyle is the is easiest and MOST effective way to boost your fertility and have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Yes, more effective than expensive fertility treatments. 

You just need to know *exactly* how. 

And no, it's not about restriction or spending a fortune on supplements.

Will this ACTUALLY work??

There are 3 things that you need to get pregnant...

Optimised Ovulation.png

And your nutrition and lifestyle have a massive impact on all three. 

When we work together I step you through everything that you need to do to have the healthiest eggs and sperm, optimise ovulation, womb health, and implantation.

You’ll finish everyday knowing you’ve done everything you can to get pregnant without feeling restricted or spending a fortune on useless supplements.

Commonly aked questions...

Who is this program best for? This program is suitable for those who are currently trying for a baby, undergoing reproductive treatments, or plan to begin trying in the next 6-12 months. The sessions are completely personalised to you so there is no "one size fits all" and I adapt the structure to suit your needs.

I am not in New Zealand, can I still work with you? Yes absolutely! I am currently based in Singapore but maintain my NZ registration and accreditation. I work with clients from all over the world through virtual 1:1 dietitian consultations.

Can I claim the cost of this back on insurance? Possibly! Many insurance providers cover registered dietitian consultations. Check your policy for details.

I need recommendations that fit my budget and limited time availablity. Is this something you can help with? Yes- as all recommendations are personalised to you, I will ONLY provide recommendations that are doable. My goal is for you to succeed and make your life easier.

My partner may not be on board with a session/ doesn't need a session. Is this still suitable for me? Yes absolutely. I am a huge believer that we need to work on both egg and sperm health when it comes to fertility but understand that this isn't for everyone. If your partner doesn't want their session we can work through an individual package tailored to you which is something I do very regularly with so many of my clients. You will still have access to sperm health guides and meal plans if your partner is interested in those.

What if I fall pregnant and don't need all of the sessions? This is 100% my goal for you! Pregnancy nutrition comes with a whole new host of requirements so whenever a client falls pregnant during the program, we simply start working on pregnancy nutrition guidelines together. This includes reducing miscarriage risk, addressing nausea and other symptoms, meeting your increasing nutrient requirements, reducing pregnancy complication risk, and so much more. You will also have access to my pregnancy nutrition library complete with recipes, meal plans, guides, and tools to help you along the way.

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