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The Fertility Accelerator Program

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Your personalised step-by-step plan to boost your fertility naturally and increase your chance of a healthy pregnancy.

The transformative 30 day program specifically designed to give motivated women who want to leave absolutely no stone unturned on their fertility journey, absolute clarity and a personalised step by step plan to fall pregnant faster.

Who is the Fertiltiy Accelerator Program designed for?


You will benefit most from this program if you:

  • Would like an expert fertility specialist dietitian to create a personalised diet and supplement regimen based on your current intake, health conditions, blood test results, preferences, time avaialability and budget. 

  • Want to learn as much as you can about nutrition for fertility in a way that's simple to follow, all backed by the latest research, and complete with step by step checklists to help you implement new learnings as easily as possible

  • Would like ongoing support, check-ins and accountability to answer every question that you have and ensure that all changes you're making are enjoyable and sustainable

  • Are trying naturally and would like to avoid reproductive treatments OR are preparing your body for reproductive treatments. All online learning modules are relevant for both scenarios and it's the 1:1 consultations that will provide more in-depth personalised recommendations specific to your situation (e.g. preparing for egg collection and embryo transfer etc).

What does the program include?

This program uses my 3 phase approach to ensure that you have the best possible fertility outcomes achieved through the simplest, most effective step by step plan. I include a combination of online learning modules, resources and guides, and 1:1 sessions.

Phase 1:

Paper Diary
Nutrient analysis + food diary review + feedback

I take your food diary and analyse your intake versus your recommendations and provide a detailed report showcasing nutritional gaps and outlining key diet interventions to begin with.

Prenatal Supplement Plan

Bespoke supplement recommendations specific to your nutrient requirements and fertility needs complete with specific brand recommendations and prescriber-only supplements (when needed).

Blood Test
Preconception testing

Advice and review of important preconception blood tests and investigations to complete. This is important to rule out or address nutritional deficiencies and common conditions associated with infertility.

Phase 2:

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Online learning modules

You learn ALL of the information that you need to know for fertility success. Including macronutrients, meal planning, harmful foods and drinks, endocrine disrupting chemicals, implantation, egg health, ovulation, early pregnancy- everything!

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Fertility recipe books & meal plans

Recipe books for fertility-friendly sweet treats, smoothies, dinners, lunches, snacks, and breakfasts PLUS meal plans designed to give you ideas and inspiration specific to; ovulation, implantation and the 2 week wait, mediterranean diet, and egg quality.

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Downloadable guides, checklists & resources

18 different downloadable, printable, guides that provide you with clear advice and actions for you to take to boost your chances of conceiving. Including; baseline testing checklist, nutrition checklist, eating out guide, and so much more.

Phase 3:

Intensive 1:1 Consultation

This session happens after you have already learned a significant amount throughout the program AND made effective diet and supplement changes through phase 1. We meet for a private session where I complete a thorough assessment of your current intake and nutrition changes so far, and provide you with a complete nutrition and lifestyle plan to see you right through to pregnancy and beyond.

Fall Salad
Custom Nutrition Plan

By now you would have made significant impactful change to your diet already. I now provide specific recommendations to improve your fertility further and provide advice specific to your fertility focus (e.g. natural fertility, egg collection, IVF, IUI). I also provide further ideas and strategies to overcome barriers or challenges that you may be experiencing e.g. holidays, eating out, seasonal ideas, emotional eating etc. 

NB: The 1:1 consultation is currently included at no additional charge but only until the end of August! Make sure to book before August 31st to grab the session for free!

What do the online learning modules cover?

Week 1: The Foundations

Access to videos & resources designed to help you lay the foundations that I see too many of my clients overlooking that have the BIGGEST impact on fertility Your ultimate pre-conception testing checklist Learn exactly which supplements you need, don’t need, and what these supplements actually do Goal setting guide for fertility success Your checklist to get prepped for TTC Your Diet & Lifestyle Checklist for Fertility Your food diary toolkit for analysis & taking action Your Complete Guide to Ovulation Your guide to supplements when TTC

Week 2: Preconception Nutrition

By the end of this week you will know how to build fertility-friendly meals that tick all of the nutrition boxes AND fit your lifestyle. Understand different macronutrients crucial for fertility and learn about their metabolism and role in conception Feel confident when making choices about what to eat when out for meals or away on holidays Learn more about managing sugar cravings effectively Eat the right types & amounts of protein to boost fertility Carbohydrates and fertility- everything you need to know! Balance your intake of fats correctly to boost fertility Learn how to build fertility friendly meals How to manage your nutrition when eating out & away on holiday Weekly meal planning advice and toolkit

Week 3: The big "little" things

Get some practical, simple tips and steps to improving your stress levels and sleep quality Learn more about where endocrine disruptors are in our diet and environment and how we can minimize our exposure Feel confident in knowing which foods to avoid for fertility AND how to do this without feeling deprived and restricted so that you can still enjoy your social meals out with friends!

Week 4: The specifics

Learn the A-Z of how to navigate the 2-week wait with confidence that you’re nailing your nutrition for implantation including optimising your vaginal and uterine microbiome Learn the research-backed steps to improve your egg quality and reduce oxidative stress in your body Get real meal and snack examples complete with recipes to help you improve your egg quality and chances of successful implantation

PLUS! Exclusive bonuses:

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  • Understanding Male Fertility- a complete guide to improving nutrition for optimal sperm health

  • Entering the next season- what to do when you get that positive pregnancy test

  • First trimester nutrition- a guide to reducing miscarriage risk and optimising your pregnancy nutrition

  • Weekly check-ins for questions plus unlimited contact with me throughout the duration of the program

  • 20% off a partner supplement plan (including everything you get in phase 1)

This program is valued at $1353 BUT right now you have the opportunity to get all of this for only $499

The Fertility Accelerator Package:

Let's recap! When you work with me through this program you will receive everything that you need to increase your chances of getting pregnant through nutrition. This includes...

  • 1x fertility intensive consultation (valued at $259)

  • A complete nutrient analysis and supplement regimen (valued at $95)

  • 20% off an additional nutrient analysis, supplement review, and development of a personalised diet and lifestyle program for your partner 

  • Unlimited access to Alex for Q+A and email support for 6 weeks (valued at $199)

  • Access to the exclusive online learning and resource portal including recipe ebooks, meal plans for fertility, shopping lists, eating out guides, mindful eating guides, and much more! (valued at $600)

  • Bonus course content (valued at $200)

There is one thing that's for sure...

Tweaking your diet and lifestyle is the is easiest and MOST effective way to boost your fertility and have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Yes, more effective than expensive fertility treatments. 

You just need to know *exactly* how. 

And no, it's not about restriction or spending a fortune on supplements.

Will this ACTUALLY work??

There are 3 things that you need to get pregnant...

Optimised Ovulation.png

And your nutrition and lifestyle have a massive impact on all three. 

Throughout this program I step you through everything that you need to do to have the healthiest eggs and sperm, optimise ovulation, womb health, and implantation.

You’ll finish everyday knowing you’ve done everything you can to get pregnant without feeling restricted or spending a fortune on useless supplements.

Commonly aked questions...

Who is this program best for? This program is suitable for those who are currently trying for a baby, undergoing reproductive treatments, or plan to begin trying in the next 6-12 months. The sessions are completely personalised to you so there is no "one size fits all" and I adapt the structure to suit your needs.

I am not in New Zealand, can I still work with you? Yes absolutely! I am currently based in Singapore but maintain my NZ registration and accreditation. I work with clients from all over the world through virtual 1:1 dietitian consultations.

Can I claim the cost of this back on insurance? Possibly! Many insurance providers cover registered dietitian consultations. Check your policy for details.

I need recommendations that fit my budget and limited time availablity. Is this something you can help with? Yes- as all recommendations are personalised to you, I will ONLY provide recommendations that are doable. My goal is for you to succeed and make your life easier.

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