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Because I love helping you on your journey, here are some free fertility and pregnancy nutrition resources that I’ve put together for you.


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FREE Masterclass: The top 5 fertility nutrition mistakes to avoid... and what to do instead!

Join Alex Cameron, NZRD, SG Accredited practicing dietitian, and fertility specialist dietitian to learn the top 5 fertility nutrition mistakes that you might be making. 


Get some practical, actionable steps that you can begin with right away to improve your chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy.

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The ultimate diet & lifestyle checklist for fertility

The ultimate guide for couples who want to take a pro-active approach to their pre-conception diet and lifestyle.


I keep it practical and simple inside with 1 page covering all of your supplements, diet, lifestyle and environmental factors.


The ultimate diet & lifestyle checklist for pregnancy

The essential guide for every pregnant woman! Work through my simple 1-page guide to find out if you are eating enough of everything that you need for a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

I cover supplements, diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors all in 1 easy to follow page. Enjoy!

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Your guide to festive eating during pregnancy

Worried about food safety? Want to know which desserts, snacks, and meats are safe for you to eat? My pregnancy festive- eating guide is for you! 

You'll learn how to eat safely throughout the festive season while still enjoying your favourite foods.

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