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Hello, I'm Alex, NZ Registered Dietitian and certified fertility & prenatal dietitian.

I help couples to fall pregnant naturally & have a stress-free pregnancy through science-based nutrition and supplement advice.

With over 8 years experience working as a registered dietitian, and 5 years specialising in womens health, hormone balance, pregnancy, and fertility, I can help you to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and baby through 1:1 personalised support.

My Approach


My goal is to empower you to take charge of your fertility and prenatal health, while giving you the close 1:1 support that is so often missing in our journeys to and through pregnancy. I guide you to optimise every parameter of your diet and lifestyle for successful conception and a healthy pregnancy.

I help you to overcome overwhelm around fertility and pregnancy nutrition and supplements and gain confidence and clarity through my comprehensive 1:1 approach.

I achieve this by incorporating my >8 years experience as a Dietitian supporting over 1000 men and women with various complex health concerns.

When I support you to fall pregnant naturally, we begin by working through your history and journey so far, and identifying where the most impactful place to start will be for you. This could be egg health, sperm health, uterus health, implantation, reducing miscarriage risk, or other. I explain the process of conception for you along with providing easy to understand explanations of hormones and each stage of your cycle so that you have a clear understanding of everything when it comes to your own personal situation.

We work together to develop personalised plans with simple actions for you to take that will deliver the biggest outcomes for you and improve your fertility based on scientific research. I am a big believer in the power of correct and effective nutrition and supplementation and have seen time and time again the impact that it can make to couples who are going through their journey to begin or grow their family.

I use science-backed information to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy with tailored nutrition advice to reduce your risk of complications such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, low birth weight, preterm birth, while addressing any niggly pregnancy symptoms.

Let's work together to get you started on improving your fertility and prenatal health and increasing your chances of falling pregnant naturally and having a healthy pregnancy. You can whatsapp me to learn more about my 1:1 services and to see if this is right for you.


2012: Bachelor of Science, Major Human Nutrition & Food service Management 

2015: Masters Degree in Dietetics

Annual continuing competency program completed with NZ Dietitians Board

NZ Registered Dietitian and Singapore Accredited Practicing Dietitian 

ELNA Fertility & Pregnancy Nutrition for Dietitians Training

My journey to Fertility Nutrition

These days I am a mum to a toddler and a fertility and pregnancy specialist dietitian. How did I get here? ​

I've been a dietitian for almost 10 years and prior to trying to conceive, I truly felt that I had it all sorted when it came to my fertility and nutrition. I eat healthy, I exercise, every day, I take a prenatal, what more could I need? 

Little did I know that 2023 would mark a fertility rollercoaster for me filled with emotions I have never felt before. I was diagnosed with Ashermans Syndrome, complete occlusion of my uterus and consequent infertility. I travelled internationally to find a surgeon who could remove the scarring, and was left with an aftermath of inflammation, thin lining, blood flow concerns, and an overhanging fear of my scarring returning. I took control in the only way that I knew how- through the science of health and nutrition. I spent months and months taking the best fertility and pregnancy dietitian trainings in the world, reading every scientific article I could find, and learning absolutely everything that I could about improving fertility through nutrition. I discovered that there were so many simple nutrition recommendations that I had never come across before that were proven to improve my fertility by up to 70%, and reduce my chances of miscarriage by up to 60%. I also found many things that I was doing which were unknowingly harming my fertility, thinning my uterine lining further, and ultimately prolonging my journey to pregnancy.

I since have helped countless couples to conceive. I work with clients from all over the world and take the most complex scientific research on fertility and turn it into personalised, easy to follow nutrition plans for fertility success.


Work with me virtually from anywhere:

I work with clients all over the world! I have relocated to Singapore in Feb 2023 but maintain my dietitian registration in NZ and am a Singapore Accredited Practising Dietitian, and I work with clients across the world virtually


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Simple, evidence-based advice to optimise your fertility and increase your chances of conceiving next cycle!

Image by Suhyeon Choi

Personalised, science-backed pregnancy advice to ensure that both you and baby are getting everything that you need to thrive, reduce pregnancy related symptoms, and enjoy a healthy complication-free pregnancy.

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