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Want to know exactly what to eat to increase your chances of pregnancy?

Say goodbye to late night googling and learn exactly what YOU need to get your body 100% baby ready.


Head into your next cycle feeling 100% confident that your diet, lifestyle, and supplements are optimised to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Does this sound familiar?

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- Being rushed through appointments with health professionals without a clear path forward 

- Being told that there is nothing wrong and to just "keep trying for another 6 months"

- Noone ever really explaining your lab results, hormones, or fertility leaving you feeling confused 

- Feeling alone in your journey to pregnancy like noone really is listening or can help you

You're tired of trying to work it all out on your own...

- You're tired of the mixed and extreme nutrition advice flowing in at you from the internet, friends, family, and unqualified sources 

- You just want the clear cut science and a tailored plan specific to YOU so that you no longer need to spend time trying to work it out on your own 

- You want to sit down and talk with a health professional who spends time listening, can explain all of your blood tests and lab results, and is supportive of you on your journey to pregnancy every step of the way. 

work with me

Work with me 1:1 

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I support couples who are...

  • Currently trying for a baby or plan to within the next 6 months

  • Working through reproductive treatments (IVF, IUI) and want to increase their chances of success (more healthy embryos and a better chance of successful implantation).

  • Struggling with other health issues or reproductive conditions e.g. coeliac disease, IBS, endometriosis, PCOS, Chron's or ulcerative colitis, diabetes, etc.

  • Have complex dietary requirements and need extra help working out the best diet.

How we can work together:

Option 1:

Join my FREE Fertility Nutrition Training

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Learn the top 5 fertility nutrition mistakes that I see in practice AND what to do instead to increase your chances of falling pregnant faster.


This masterclass if perfect for you if you are... 

  • Currently trying for a baby or plan to begin trying within the next 3-6 months

  • Sick of trying to piece all of the information on fertility nutrition together on your own and just want some support with figuring it all out.

  • Want to get some expert, science backed advice for FREE and make real progress with your fertility nutrition right away 

  • Would like to grab a copy of my FREE fertility nutrition 7-day meal plan complete with recipes and snacks (included in the masterclass!)

Option 2:

Join my Fertility Accelerator Program: A combination of intensive 1:1 sessions and online learning modules

FREE Fertility Nutrition Masterclass (1)_edited.png

The fertility accelerator program is our gold- standard service that has already helped hundreds of couples to improve their fertility and fall pregnant faster. 

This is perfect for you if you...

  • Want ongoing maximum support and accountability while you make effective, fertility-focused diet changes. 

  • Would like everything that's included in a fertility nutrition intensive session (detailed below) PLUS additional sessions, resources, ongoing Q+A, and online learning modules to create a deep understanding of everything you need to know for optimal fertility.

  • Are either trying naturally or embarking on fertility treatments.

Option 3:

Fertility Nutrition Intensive:

Please note: The wait time on fertility intensive sessions is currently until end of August 2024.


Our 90min Fertility Nutrition Intensive is here to provide you with tailored advice and support on your fertility journey – we’ll answer all of your questions and help you identify your next steps with a complete lifestyle plan.

The Fertility Nutrition Intensive aims to provide you with a clear, customised plan to move forward with. With my support, you can be confident you’ve left no stone unturned on your fertility journey.

This suits those who...

  • Would like an expert to check-over and refine their current diet and supplement regimen to ensure it's optimised for fertility.

  • Feel that they have some knowledge on fertility nutrition but would like further clarity and a personalised science-backed plan created for them.

  • Are either trying naturally or embarking on fertility treatments (IUI or IVF)

A 90min 1:1 Consultation

Your private session includes a thorough diet & lifestyle assessment and full nutrition analysis of your diet plus blood test recommendations and review.

Prenatal Supplement Plan

Bespoke supplement recommendations specific to your nutrient requirements and fertility needs complete with specific brand recommendations and prescriber-only supplements (when needed).

Fall Salad
Custom Nutrition Plan

Specific recommendations to improve your fertility and fill nutrition gaps PLUS clinical support and advice for your specific fertility focus (e.g. natural fertility, egg collection, IVF, IUI).

PLUS: Post-session email support with me for 2 weeks post-session to make sure that you have everything that you need to feel confident. 

Outcome: Improved fertility, improved egg quality, more healthy embryos, healthy uterine lining, better blood flow to your uterus for implantation, and healthy hormone production.

Kind words...

"Alex has been incredible to work with! After trying to conceive for 9months and 2 cycles of Letrozole we were still having no luck. I met with Alex before starting our third cycle of Letrozole to see if anything diet related could help. Alex was so supportive of the journey and provided detailed but not overwhelming feedback on simple changes that I could make to my daily diet. These changes were all very achievable and could easily swap things out from my normal diet to the new fertility diet. After 6 weeks of the new diet we got the amazing news that I was pregnant! The advice and changes from Alex certainly made this happen and we are forever grateful to her for this! Thank you"

- Charley

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As seen in:

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Qualifications & governing bodies:

Meet your expert fertility dietitian... 

Hi, I'm Alex!


I started Wellful to support other couples to conceive after nutrition supported me so much in falling pregnant. I am a registered, accredited practicing dietitian, fertility specialist dietitian, and expert on ovulation, egg health, and uterine health. 

My goal is to help you regain control of your fertility, get pregnant faster, and have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

alex cameron fertility specialist and pregnancy dietitian

Ready to get started?

Let's work together to find out exactly what YOU need to get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. 

Frequently asked questions:

Where are you based? Can I see you in person? ​ ​ I have recently relocated from NZ to Singapore but continue to hold my NZ registration and practicing certificate, and work with NZ referrers. I offer virtual consultations, worldwide.


Which service is best for me? ​ If you want maximum support and advice then the fertility accelerator program is the best service for you. This provides you with 2x 1:1 intensive sessions, meal plans, resources, online learning modules to cover EVERYTHING that you need to know to boost your fertility diet. It covers significantly more than we can get through in a 1:1 consultation alone and provides ongoing support, check-ins and accountability as well. If you want a 1-off intensive consultation, then the fertility nutrition intensive is right for you.

Do I need to gather any information for you prior to my session? ​ ​ On booking any service you will be emailed a list of recommended blood testing to complete and a pre-consultation assessment form to tell us more about you. A 7 day food diary sent prior to your session is also important to ensure that we are prepared and ready to support you as soon as we enter the session. All of this information is provided to you upon booking your preferred service.

What supplement brands to you sell/ usually recommend?​ ​ We do not sell supplements and have no bias when it comes to supplementation. We provide a range of options that all meet your needs and requirements and vary according to your budget and preference for frequency etc. All of our recommendations are personalised and the brands and supplements recommended will vary between clients. You may receive recommendations for some practitioner-only options, and some over the counter options depending on your needs.

Will my insurance cover these sessions?​ Yes often health insurance will cover sessions with a registered dietitian. It's important to talk directly with your provider to determine what your policy covers. We can provide you with receipts to claim the session cost back.

What is covered in these sessions?​ ​ Your dietitian will always complete a thorough nutrition assessment to gather all the necessary data to design a customised plan for you. This also helps us identify what diet, lifestyle, and supplement changes may be needed to optimise your fertility. You receive a personalised nutrition and supplement plan, meal ideas and recipes, and a complete step by step plan for success thats suited to your lifestyle and preferences. My goal is to help you to increase your chances of falling pregnant so I make sure that you have everything that you need for full confidence and clarity to do this. If you struggle with other health conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, IBS, IBD, or coeliac disease for example then we cover these as well. Everything is personalised to you and all parameters of your health are considered when I develop your personalised plan.

Still have questions?

If you can't find the answer to your question and would like some more information then just reach out! You can email me directly on

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