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FREEBIE: Get your body in tip-top shape preconception with my FREE fertility checklist! 

Want personalised fertility nutrition advice?

Say goodbye to late night googling what to eat to support your fertility and learn exactly what YOU need to get your body 100% baby ready.


Are you wanting to head into your next cycle feeling 100% confident that your diet, lifestyle, and supplements are optimised to increase your chances of getting pregnant?  Yes? I've got good news! 

Does this sound familiar?

Image by Christin Hume

- Being rushed through appointments with health professionals without a clear path forward 

- Being told that there is nothing wrong and to just "keep trying for another 6 months"

- Noone ever really explaining your lab results, hormones, or fertility leaving you feeling confused 

- Feeling alone in your journey to pregnancy like noone really is listening or can help you

You're tired of trying to work it all out on your own...

- You're tired of the mixed and extreme nutrition advice flowing in at you from the internet, friends, family, and unqualified sources 

- You just want the clear cut science and a tailored plan specific to YOU so that you no longer need to spend time trying to work it out on your own 

- You want to sit down and talk with a health professional who spends time listening, can explain all of your blood tests and lab results, and is supportive of you on your journey to pregnancy every step of the way. 

work with me

Work with me 1:1 

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Perfect for those who...

  • Are wanting to try for a baby in the next 6 months or who are currently trying

  • Are working through reproductive treatments and want to boost embryo health and enhance implantation

  • Are struggling with other health issues or reproductive conditions that you would also like addressed e.g. coeliac disease, IBS, endometriosis, PCOS, diabetes, etc.

  • Have complex dietary requirements and need extra help working out the best diet.

How we can work together:

Option 1

Fertility Intensive Consultation:

Your 90 minute 1:1 session includes:​

  • Full nutrition analysis of your diet with specific recommendations to implement to improve your fertility and fill any nutrition gaps

  • Personalised supplement plan 

  • Blood test recommendations & review 

  • Clinical support and advice for your specific fertility focus (e.g. natural fertility, egg collection, IVF, IUI).

  • Outcome: Improved fertility, more embryos, better egg quality, better implantation, better chance of maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Option 2

Fertility Accelerator Package:

Your Fertility Accelerator Package Includes:

  • 1x complete 90min fertility intensive consultation and all inclusions

  • 2x 35-45min review sessions for support with implementing diet and behaviour changes from our first session, strategies to overcome barriers, and ensuring sustainability of your plan

  • 1x partner diet and supplement analysis complete with personalised feedback and provision of a suggested diet plan and supplement regimen for optimising male fertility 

  • 2x virtual food diary feedback check-in sessions

  • Access to our exclusive resource hub filled with recipe books, example meal plans, snack suggestions, and fertility nutrition step by step guides for you to refer back to anytime.

  • This package is designed to provide thorough support for 8-12 weeks or beyond into pregnancy. 

Valued at over $1700- available to you now for only $799! Limited spaces available each month.

Not sure if our Fertility Accelerator Package is right for you?

If you have questions, I would love to hear them! Send me an email on or book your free discovery call and let's talk more about if our package is the right fit for you:

Kind words...
5 stars_edited.png

"Alex has been incredible to work with! After trying to conceive for 9months and 2 cycles of Letrozole we were still having no luck. I met with Alex before starting our third cycle of Letrozole to see if anything diet related could help. Alex was so supportive of the journey and provided detailed but not overwhelming feedback on simple changes that I could make to my daily diet. These changes were all very achievable and could easily swap things out from my normal diet to the new fertility diet. After 6 weeks of the new diet we got the amazing news that I was pregnant! The advice and changes from Alex certainly made this happen and we are forever grateful to her for this! Thank you"

- Charley


As seen in:

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Qualifications & governing bodies:

Meet your expert fertility dietitian... 

Hi, I'm Alex!


I started Wellful to support other couples to conceive after nutrition supported me so much in falling pregnant. I am a registered, accredited practicing dietitian, fertility specialist dietitian, and expert on womb health. 

My goal is to help you regain control of your fertility, get pregnant faster, and have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

alex cameron fertility specialist and pregnancy dietitian

Ready to get started?

Let's work together to find out exactly what YOU need to get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. 

Frequently asked questions:

Where are you based? Can I see you in person? ​ ​ I have recently relocated from NZ to Singapore but continue to hold my NZ registration and practicing certificate, and work with NZ referrers. I offer virtual consultations, worldwide.

How much does this session cost?​ Your initial session cost is $259 for new clients, and review sessions are $139. Your package is offered at a discounted rate of $799 (valued at >$1300).


Is this service right for me?  ​ An initial consultation is right for you if you need a customised nutrition and supplementation plan based on your unique needs, bloodwork and history, as well as your goals. For the best outcomes and progress we recommend regular review appointments and can work with you on this through our fertility accelerator package.

Do I need to gather any information for you prior to the session? ​ ​ On booking your initial consultation you will see a list of recommended blood testing to complete and a pre-consultation assessment form to tell us more about you. A 5-7 day food diary sent prior to your session is also important to ensure that we are prepared and ready to support you as soon as we enter the session.

What supplement brands to you sell/ usually recommend?​ ​ We do not sell supplements and have no bias when it comes to supplementation. We provide a range of options that all meet your needs and requirements and vary according to your budget and preference for frequency etc. All of our recommendations are personalised and the brands and supplements recommended will vary between clients.

Will my insurance cover these sessions?​ Yes often health insurance will cover sessions with a registered dietitian. It's important to talk directly with your provider to determine what your policy covers. We can provide you with receipts to claim the session cost back.

What is covered in these sessions?​ ​ Your dietitian will complete a thorough nutrition assessment to gather all the necessary data to design a customised plan for you. It also helps us identify what diet, lifestyle, and supplement changes may be needed to optimise your fertility! Then, we discuss your key questions and identify your priorities and goals. We chat about nutrition recommendations (usually ideas, suggestions, swaps – we like to keep it practical around here!) and address any of your concerns! We will also discuss what supplementation might be appropriate before finalising your plan after the session. Your session is unique to you- so we will also cover any relevant health conditions, support with emotional or binge eating, and support with weight concerns- it all depends on your needs.

Still have questions?

If you can't find the answer to your question and would like some more information then just reach out! You can email me directly on

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