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Pregnancy nutrition can play such a significant part in our baby's future that women absolutely need to be getting more than just a pamphlet on food safety during pregnancy. We have the opportunity to impact on our baby's future life including reducing their risk of anxiety and depression, increasing their cognition and ability to build connections with others, optimising their physical growth and development, and so much more.


I created this guide to give you a really simple outline of some of the key things we need during pregnancy to optimise our nutrition.

Remember, you don't have to work it all out on your own and nutrition change should not feel overwhelming! You can work with us 1:1 any time to find out exactly what your body needs to help you to get pregnant faster, maintain a healthy pregnancy, and support your baby's health.

Your next steps...

Work with a pregnancy specialist dietitian to ensure that you are doing everything possible to optimise your baby's development, boost their first 1000 days, and enjoy a safe and healthy pregnancy.


I am a registered dietitian working with women from all over the world through virtual 1:1 consultations and comprehensive packages.

If you would like to learn more about working with me then please have a look at my services HERE and schedule a free call with me to talk more about how I can best support you.


Nutrition is a huge, interesting, impactful topic and right now is your chance to influence not just your own life, but another little life as well.

If you would like personalised advice, ongoing support and regular reviews, then have a look at my pregnancy nutrition package and see if this could work for you.


All the best and I look forward to hearing how you go!



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