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Give your baby the best possible start in life.

Say goodbye to late night googling and confusing advice from family and friends and learn exactly what you need for your healthiest pregnancy!

Get your personalised plan to feel confident in your nutrition throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Learn how to reduce your risk of pregnancy complications, reduce baby's risk of future health issues, eliminate pregnancy symptoms, and get your trimester-specific nutrition action plan to keep both you and baby as safe and healthy as possible.

Introducing the Pregnancy Support Package:

Your package of 3 sessions including your deep-dive comprehensive initial consultation plus 2 in-depth review sessions.


This is perfect for those who want a higher level of support and/or may be struggling with pregnancy symptoms, pregnancy complications, health issues, have a negative relationship with food that they would like to address, or want to ensure that the changing nutrient requirements for each trimester and breastfeeding are addressed.

You will complete your package feeling confident in your pregnancy nutrition and sure that you have done everything that you can to optimise baby's future health and wellbeing. You will also no longer need to google nutrition for pregnancy thanks to your personalised trimester- specific pregnancy nutrition plan.

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What's included in the package?

Work with me 1:1 through virtual consultations to pinpoint your unique pregnancy nutrition needs. 

You receive access to additional exclusive tools and resources that hundreds of clients have used and recommend. 

This package is perfect for those at any stage of pregnancy who would like to know that they are eating everything necessary, who want to reduce their risk of complications and symptoms, or want to ensure both them and baby are as healthy as possible. I also support with breastfeeding nutrition and the postpartum period as well.


1:1 Consultations

Three virtual 1:1 sessions including a personalised nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement plan based on an in-depth biochemistry, nutrition, and lifestyle analysis. I guide you the whole way to sustainable nutrition changes for a healthy pregnancy.


Unlimited email support & check-ins

Have ALL of your questions answered anytime throughout our time working together (and beyond!).

Total value: $99

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Downloadable recipe books, meals plans, tools & resources

... that you can keep forever! No more Dr Google for you- the resource library houses all of the pregnancy guides, recipes, meal inspiration, templates, and resources that you will every need.

Total value: $298

Total value: $632

This program is valued at $1029 BUT right now you have the opportunity to get this all for over 50% off!

Only $499 (all inclusive!)

The Pregnancy Support Package:

Let's recap! When you work with me through this program you will receive everything that you need to have a healthy pregnancy through nutrition and lifestyle change. This includes...

  • 1x 75-90 minute comprehensive initial consultation (valued at $259)

  • A complete nutrient analysis and supplement regimen (valued at $95)

  • 2x review consultations (35-45 minute) (valued at $278)

  • Unlimited access to Alex for Q+A and email support (valued at $99)

  • Access to the exclusive resource portal including recipe ebooks, meal plans for fertility, shopping lists, eating out guides, mindful eating guides, and much more! (valued at $298)

work with me

There is one thing that's for sure...

Tweaking your diet and lifestyle during pregnancy is the is easiest and MOST effective way to improve your baby's future health, behaviour, and wellbeing.

Commonly aked questions...

Who is this program best for? This program is suitable for those who are currently pregnant at any stage of pregnancy. If you are soon to give birth, sessions can be used during your post partum period.

I am not in New Zealand, can I still work with you? Yes absolutely! I am currently based in Singapore but maintain my NZ registration and accreditation. I work with clients from all over the world through virtual 1:1 dietitian consultations.

Can I claim the cost of this back on insurance? Possibly! Many insurance providers cover registered dietitian consultations. Check your policy for details.

I need recommendations that fit my budget and limited time availablity. Is this something you can help with? Yes- as all recommendations are personalised to you, I will ONLY provide recommendations that are doable. My goal is for you to succeed and make your life easier.

Health Insurance

Your health insurance provider may cover appointments with a registered dietitian. Check your policy or contact your provider directly for more information.

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