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Coconut ice

About the Recipe


  • 5 cups desiccated coocnut

  • ⅓ cup coocnut cream

  • 2 tsp vanilla

  • 4 Tbsp sweetener

  • Pinch salt

  • 3 Tbsp grated beetroot OR 6 Tbsp raspberries


Step 1

Blend the coconut in a food processor until it forms a silky smooth texture. This can take a while so be patient and scrape down the sides a few times too! It should be a smooth consistency by the end.

Step 2

Add all ingredients (apart from the beetroot or raspberries) and blend again.

Step 3

Add an extra few Tbsp’s of coconut if you would like a more gritty texture (optional) and mix to combine.

Step 4

Pour half the mixture into a baking tray lined with baking paper and smooth until flat.

Step 5

Add the berries or beetroot to the mixture and blend again to make a pink mixture. Pour this over top of the white mixture and flatten again with a spatula.

Step 6

Place in the freezer until relatively firm then cut into small squares.

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