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Avoid the 5 BIGGEST fertility nutrition mistakes...


Learn the top 5 fertility nutrition mistakes that I see in practice AND what to do instead to increase your chances of falling pregnant faster.

PLUS! Get my FREE 7 day fertility nutrition meal plan just for registering!


You don't need expensive supplements, restrictive diets, and to miss out on the foods and drinks you love. Here's what you'll learn....

✅ The biggest most important thing to begin with preconception to make sure your body is in tip-top shape for trying for a baby.


✅ How much of an impact and difference your diet can actually have on your chances of pregnancy- does it actually make a difference?


✅ The step by step process that I have used with hundreds of clients to support them to fall pregnant faster and have healthy pregnancies and babies


✅ The top nutrition strategies you need to start with right away that will genuinely make a difference to your chances of falling pregnant (as proven by science!)

BONUS: Stay until the end of the masterclass and receive a FREE copy of my 7 Day Fertility Meal Plan valued at $29 NZD!

About your presenter:

Alex is a Registered and Accredited Practicing Dietitian (MDiet, BSc) with expertise in Fertility, Pregnancy, and women's health, and founder of Wellful NZ and Singapore, an online business supporting women from all over New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Asia, UK, and more.

She is one of the few qualified fertility and pregnancy dietitians worldwide, and has used her science-proven fertility nutrition strategies to overcome her own infertility challenges, and support hundreds of others to do the same too.

Plus special gifts for you!

Get my FREE 7 day fertility-friendly meal plan complete with meal ideas, shopping lists, and recipes. 

You'll save hours of time coming up with new meal and snack ideas that are simple and delicious and see a real-life example of what a balanced diet for fertility can look like.

All you have to do is sign up to my FREE masterclass!

PLUS! Receive an exclusive discount code for you to save 10% when you go on to sign up for my fertility accelerator program (for masterclass attendees only!)

Join the masterclass now!

Watch my FREE fertility nutrition masterclass now to learn some of the most crucial steps to begin your journey to fertility nutrition confidence, clarity, and ultimately fertility success!

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