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Take back control of your fertility & have your healthiest pregnancy possible.

Struggling to conceive affects 1 in 4 couples.

Pregnancy complications affect 1 in every 12 pregnancies. 

You shouldn't settle for the generic, outdated advice that's all over the internet. 

Your fertility and pregnancy needs are unique and you deserve personalised solutions! 


If you want fertility success a healthy pregnancy, and healthy baby, I am here to help.

What we eat prior to pregnancy and during our pregnancy will impact on not only whether we have a safe and healthy journey, but also our baby's epigenetics, and future behaviour and health. It's absolutely crucial that we get our diet and supplementation right during this time, and I am here to support you to do exactly that.

Meet your Dietitian...

Hi, I'm Alex!


I'm a Registered Dietitian & Accredited Practising Dietitian with expertise in fertility, pregnancy, and women's health. I am the founder of Wellful and support couples through virtual consultations and digital solutions to get pregnant and have healthy babies all over New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, the UK, Europe & more! 

Nutrition has the potential to reduce infertility by up to 69%, improve IVF success rates by over 45%, reduce the risk of pregnancy related health issues and complications, and influence our baby's future health and behaviour. 

If you're like most of my clients who have received little support or advice along your fertility journey then chances are you're feeling pretty frustrated and lonely. 

I've lost count of the number of clients who have been told to just "relax", "try eating healthy", and "it's normal for it to take some time". 

Many of my clients have felt deeply lost with this advice, stuck with no clear direction to take. 

alex cameron fertility specialist and pregnancy dietitian

I realised that the community of couples who are struggling to conceive need people who take the time to listen and provide effective, step by step advice to support them to increase their chances of conceiving faster, without sending them directly to assisted reproductive treatments. 

I have worked with couples who have gone on to experience significant improvements in their sperm health parameters, conceive shortly after implementing their personalised nutrition and supplement interventions, and feel confident that they are leaving absolutely no stone unturned when it comes to trying for a baby naturally. 

It doesn't require a strict elimination diet. 

There is not a prescriptive diet that robs you of your social life and enjoyment. 

You do not need to undergo medical intervention to improve your fertility.


Couple on a Walk

Simple, evidence-based advice to optimise your fertility and increase your chances of conceiving next cycle!

Image by Suhyeon Choi

Personalised, science-backed pregnancy advice to ensure that both you and baby are getting everything that you need to thrive, reduce pregnancy related symptoms, and enjoy a healthy complication-free pregnancy.

Kind words from clients...
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"Alex has been incredible to work with! After trying to conceive for 9months and 2 cycles of Letrozole we were still having no luck. I met with Alex before starting our third cycle of Letrozole to see if anything diet related could help. Alex was so supportive of the journey and provided detailed but not overwhelming feedback on simple changes that I could make to my daily diet. These changes were all very achievable and could easily swap things out from my normal diet to the new fertility diet. After 6 weeks of the new diet we got the amazing news that I was pregnant! The advice and changes from Alex certainly made this happen and we are forever grateful to her for this! Thank you"

- Charley


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Research-backed advice, recipes, tips, and more! This blog is for navigating fertility and pregnancy nutrition. 

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Health Insurance

Your health insurance provider may cover appointments with a registered dietitian. Check your policy or contact your provider directly for more information.

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